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Extraordinary parallel counter-rotating twin (screw) extruders empowers the art of plastic extrusion technology.

Since 1988, TWINSCREW Industrial Co., LTD. has shipped more than 1200 sets of branded twin screw extruders implemented with our in-house-made screws, barrels and gearboxes to the worldwide users. In conjunction with prompt after-sale maintenance and key components emplacement service, TWINSCREW’s equipment perform mechanical properties in precision, stability and sustainability to reward the users.

Using our twin screw extruders, we are comprehensively capable to customize the equipment eligible for processing plastic materials including PVC, CPVC, PP, PE and varieties of engineering plastics. They have been widely applied for extrusion molding technologies such as profile extrusion and foam molding. TWINSCREW’s extrusion production line fulfills the requirements of producing multiple types of construction materials.

Recently, responding clients' requirements on the development of eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, we further design the twin screw extruders for compounding regenerable (such as starch and cellulose) and biodegradable materials. The products have been certified and used for various applications from daily-consuming products like disposable tableware to agricultural products such as mulch films. We are grateful to contribute ourselves to the sustainable earth.


In-house-made core components for extruders---Screws, Barrels and Gearboxes

To ensure the maximum performance and immediate maintenance service, TWINSCREW’s skillful senior engineers process and fine tune each screw set, barrel and gearbox in house.

Quality commitment to precision, stability and sustainability


Our proprietary gearboxes implemented with INA thrust bearing. It provides non-stop reliable power output in minimal erosion with reducing vibration and noise.

Instant and effective after-sales backup service

TWINSCREW always keeps inventory of key components such as screw sets for our clients due to in-house engineering strength to provide immediate assistance. It definitely saves the cost for about two-month lead time.


Despite of usual material wear out, nearly all of the TWINSCREW-made equipments are still running even for 20 years and making profits for our clients since the beginning.


TWINSCREW’s in-house-made screws and barrels are controlled and tuned with scrutiny and the precision at the size of 0.3mm. It enables the perfect mechanical intermesh and ensures continuous smooth operation.