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TwinScrew, empowers the twin-screw extrusion technology

In the era which relied on technological import, the initial drive of “doing it right” successfully pushes TWINSCREW forward, as well as it pushes forward the competitive edges offered by the Taiwanese extruder industry on the market.

Since TWINSCREW’s establishment in 1988, the wish of helping our clients in making profit has driven us to be prudent about each and every mechanical component as well as being devoted to research and development. The wish to care for our clients pushes us to collaborate with our agents to provide instant services, where communication allowed us to build the friendliest institutional matchups. The desire to continuously evolve make us not only be attentive of the pulse of the market, but also motivated us to serve our clients with the newest technology. These are all key factors for TWINSCREW in establishing its foothold in the industry.

To achieve the highest quality, TWINSCREW established an overseas plant in 2007. With the sister plant’s providing the most practical user recommendations, machinery optimization is more possible, thereby allowing the formation of a complete industry chain model with the Taiwanese headquarters. In 2014, a brand-new image for TWINSCREW was created for the international stage, providing all of the technical supports and solutions needed for production by plastic and rubber industries across the world.

It is the accumulation of past experiences that created the achievements of today! Now, TWINSCREW stands at the top of international brands, and has become a globally recognized pioneer in the field of twin screw extruders. In the future, we will continue to learn with a humble heart, maintain our passion for extrusion technology, and give back to our clients and the market.

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TWINSCREW History–The spirit of innovation built on decades of experience and is in our DNA.

TWINSCREW is always actively creating the latest technologies and ensuring sustainable growth.