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New, hope, and future of TwinScrew

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TwinScrew invites you to our booth at Taipeiplas

TwinScrew will participate in Taipeiplas 2014 from Sep. 26th to 30th at booth M0936.
We will launch our latest PVC twin screw pelletizer on the spot.
We sincerely look forward to your visiting and presence.

To feel the revolution of plastic pellets with our brand new PVC Twin Screw Pelletizer

Our twin screw extrusion technology, the essential of PVC twin screw pelletizing extruder

  • Extending the life time for the machinery through precision and wear-resisting gearbox.
  • Easing your operation through the smart controller of pelletizers.
  • Increasing pelletizing speed through high-speed rotary and C.V.T. cutting Device.
  • Providing pure products through vibration cooling bed to separate plastic pellets and dirt.
  • Ensuring quality plastic pellets through even and well mixing.

TwinScrew brings you the excellent parallel counter-rotating twin screw extruders

TwinScrew has dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of PVC parallel counter-rotating twin screw extruder since first established in 1988. We have set up a professional team with proficient talents and imported CNC Milling & Drilling machine and automatic CNC programing from WALDRICH COBURG, Germany. Besides, in order to provide customers the best quality, we adopt Japanese screws and barrels with multiple procedures like heating, nitriding, and polishing treatment. Finally we are able to supply the extreme durable machinery and directly save the unnecessary cost at customers' end.