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We welcome you to visit us at Expo Plásticos 2020

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Plastic Expo 2020

TwinScrew invites you to the annual Plastics Expo of the Americas.
Stand 1613, Expo Plásticos 2020, Guadalajara, Mexico.
During the last 2 years there has been commercial tension between China and the United States, this has forced the reorganization of the logistics chain worldwide, for this reason it has refocused on the Americas. Mexico is the leading trading nation in Central and South America.

The domestic plastics industry is made up of about 260,000 companies with a production value of approximately US$30 billion and a production of about 4.53 million metric tons of product. However, the economic recovery has fueled growth in the plastics and auto parts industry. By attending different exhibitions, often players from different fields of the industry can find new technologies and production solutions.

In the last 10 years, with emphasis on environmental protection issues, the demand for circular economy has increased significantly.
TwinScrew is also part of this theme. With personalized services for different applications of plastic synthesis and remanufacturing for customer needs (being the general purpose, and new forms of implementation).
Looking to the future, Twin Screw will continue to be your best partner for the sustainable plastics industry. At Expo Plásticos 2020, you can ask us about our company and products. The most important thing is to work, analyze the current demands and together create a new machine according to your needs.