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Creativity in the Pandemic: Plastic Products Help to Minimize the Impacts derived from Social Distancing

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Using PVC pipes to resume people’s daily activities in COVID-19 pandemic

Despite of that corona virus outbreak leads to threatening challenge for global economy, some interesting creativity maintain people’s daily sports from the restriction of social distancing. In a Gym located in Californian USA, individual separate partitions assembled with PVC pipes and transparent plastic shield films were implemented. It provides perfect protection for exercising people from cross contamination.
Customers return to exercise and the business resume. This is a good story reminds people to keeps normal life by creativity under the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the accumulative expertise in more than 30 years, TwinScrew provides total solutions to our clients fulfilling multiple requirements

Do you know how to make plastic pipes? They are manufactured by the extrusion equipment mainly including single-screw and twin-screw extruders. Single screw extruder is mainly applied for making PVC soft pipes as well as the pipes made by PP or PE. Whereas twin screw extruder is usually used for producing rigid pipes.
Sustaining the operation in Taiwan more than 30 years of experience, TwinScrew Industrial Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the development, design and production of PVC twin-screw extruders and the extrusion production line. Up to now, thousands of extruder units have been delivered to our clients for making the conventional plastic products. For the increasing requirements of the new materials and composites such as bioplastics blended with regenerable biomass, TwinScrew also offers customized solutions fulfilling multiple functions.

Proprietarily making core parts for extruders to ensure normal supply during pandemic

TwinScrew’s clients shall never be worried about interrupted supply of critical parts of extrusion production line. TwinScrew insists to make core parts including screws, barrels and gear boxes in house since the beginning. We are ready to ship the orders at the first time.

A customer acquired Twinscrew’s extrusion equipment in 2003. It is still running well. A reliable machinery brings sustainable value.

Persisting on our three believes to create maximum value for our clients

TwinScrew is well known as the excellent technologies and reliable quality. It is proved by the highly faithful clients. We make each product with our believes in precision, stability and sustainability. Looking forward we shall keep enhancing our technologies and quality. It is the way we reward our clients.